Cultural Heritage



A very important trend in contempoary society is the widespread diffusion of ICT in the field of the conservaion, use and enjoyment of Cultural Heritage.

Within this domain, new technologies, such as Augmented Reality, work like a strategic lever for the definition of novel as well as more efficacious systems for the fruition and management of museum, archeological sites, art galleries and the likes.


Our Augmented Reality Systems for Cultural Heritage are developed according to a plan which is built in a participatory way by the subjects involved: from the general specifications of the project itself to the specific contents, to the business model.


A basic principle of our design activity is the Intelligen Harmony between Technology and Nature, in particular with reference to the relation between the needs of the uman user, the natural features of the design problem and the technological solutions. For this reason we conceive our technologies as really Soft Technologies.


Our AR based solutions for the valorization of Cultural Heritage are essentially meant to innovate both standards and use of cultural contents in the different applicative domains.

The general goal of our solutions is the definition of a novel platform for the integration and the real-time fruition of both digital contents and ICT, together with more traditional contents in Cultural Heritage settings.

Among the possible applications, we mention the reconstruction of static/dynamic 3D scenes tegether with its grounding/superimposition on real archaeological or museum sites; the integration of digital contents; the creation of novel publishing products based on a convergent platform etc.



  • Archaeological sites
  • Immersive archaeoguides
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Planetariums
  • Zoological gardens
  • Natural parks