I-Mechanic, the AR App that turns yourself into a Mechanic

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I-Mechanic is the first Augmented Reality application for smartphones to support people in ordinary maintenance of their car, anytime, anywhere

Anyone Can Be a Mechanic With I-Mechanic Augmented Reality App

Car engines and equipment can be a totally unknown universe for many of us. Even if you are a longtime driver with your hands on a new car, you might not know where in the engine the most relevant parts are exactly located. Not to say when you have little or no experience at all and you are finding yourself in the middle of nowhere in need of help on how to refill your engine coolant. With this mobile application, based on an innovative computer vision 3D tracking software, anyone will be able to contextually access the instructions required to maintain their car, where is needed when is needed.

What is I-Mechanic?

I-Mechanic is designed to

  • support you in ordinary maintenance operations of your car using the smartphone as an intelligent eye that will make you an expert in car repair
  • provide you with useful information on closest auto repair and parts stores
  • provide auto repair stores and related businesses with the opportunity to reach you in a more effective and contextual way

It can help you doing:

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Additional (to be added if higher level of funding will be reached)


Whether you are a newbie driver, a Sunday driver, a longtime driver, a driver who has recently changed the car, an auto repair shop owner, an auto parts and accessories store manager, or simply a high tech addicted, I-Mechanic App will provide you with all the relevant information to help you perform ordinary maintenance operations on your car.

Join us in the great challenge of making the driving experience smarter, more efficient and safer for everyone.

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Simple to use

Simply place the mobile camera in front of your car engine to let the app disclose all the relevant information about the parts and procedures on the smartphone display.

Once you have selected the part of interest, information regarding the relevant maintenance and/or repair operations will be prompted through an intuitive and natural Augmented Reality interface. This information will provide real time 3D instructions on how to perform the selected repair task. Once you've understood how to perform a task by means of the device you can keep your hands free and solve the problem.

Powerful Technology

I-Mechanic is built upon the ARmedia 3D Tracking technology which has been recently developed by Inglobe Technologies as a part of a research project in late 2012.

The 3D tracker allows to identify and track real objects independently of their size and geometry. For this reason it can be employed in different application scenarios including architecture, cultural heritage, industrial maintenance and car maintenance.

Learn more about the technology here:


Where we are in the development?

We have a prototype/demonstrator that tracks in real time the engine of some car models (including a Ford Fiesta), thus overlaying in real time information about some basic maintenance procedures.

We also have a very basic layout of the application logic, some data structures and some communication services.

Where are we going to?

We have planned to release the iOS version of the application within three months starting from the end of this Indiegogo campaign. Android version will be released two months later. In the beginning the application will come with a limited number of car models, but we plan to expand this database in the near future also with your support. The more you will contribute, more car models and maintenance instructions will be added.

The application will also provide information on the nearest auto parts and repair stores in case you'll need specific components to maintain your car, if you are stuck with it. In case you don't have it, the app will help you identifying and finding what you need in the vicinity. This is also an opportunity for automotive related businesses to join the cause.

This is just our first step, we have lot of features to add if we get enough funding soon.

Improving your Driving Experience

The project as a whole is a path towards a better and safer driving experience. A path that requires developing a great AR mobile platform that anyone can use to make your driver life better. This is something that we can only make together.

When we started working on this idea we only wanted to create a demo of our 3D tracking technology. We did not expect so much interest in the application, and for this reason we had not allocated resources to the development of the app.

Based on the huge amount of requests and feedback we had from the media and users, our former company commitment to participatory design we thought well to ask users themselves to directly support us in this development.

We plan to release the application with all the features that we have listed above. With your help we are going to make this ever better and useful for everybody.

Our Perks for Indiegogo contributors

$5 - Stay Informed

Advance notification before I-Mechanic Lite is released + Free access to 1 available car content of your choice

$10 - Early Birds

Free Access to I-Mechanic Pro (without banners) + Access to 1 available car content

$25 - Featured Backer

Same as above + Free access to 1 additional different car models (2 in total) + featured access to the I-Mechanic online community

$50 - App Sage

Same as above + participation to the creation of a wish list (including preferred car models) for future upgrades of the App

$100 - App Insider

Same as above + Personal in-app "Special Thanks to [your name]" message

$250 - Early Advertiser

Same as above + free contextual advertising for 1 month with small intelligent spot redirecting to your website or showing your physical address

$500 - Featured Advertiser

Same as "App Insider" + free contextual advertising for 2 months

$1000 - Advanced Advertiser

Same as "App Insider" + free contextual advertising for 6 months + your business will be showcased in the first position (in rotation with others) when users are searching the same things in your area + invitation to the App launch party in Italy

$5000 - App Designer

Same as above + We create AR instructions for a car model of your choice and provide you access for free to all the contents in the app for the first year + participating in the very selective beta program of the App till the app is published

$10000 - Executive Producer

Same as above + Listed as Sponsor both in the app and in the website + special sponsor notification spot to users for 1 year + Featured story on our Blog and Media Channels

Why we need your support?

We have reached incredible results since we first started working on our 3D tracking technology. You can see our progress by shortly reviewing our achievement history. Now we have many ideas and technologies to best help people solve their daily life problems, including making driving experience safer and more comfortable. To make this real we need your help.

The campaign is "flexible", this meaning that whatever amount of resources we will be able to collect will be used to develop the App. On the other hand, the finalization of the project will be possible only with your help.

Basically, we need to allocate resources to the following tasks:

  • creation and refinement of 3D instructions and animations
  • add more car models and instructions
  • development of the application logic
  • create the back-end
  • migrate the database to a cloud server
  • add contextual useful messages for users (including semantically relevant advertising)
  • final iOS version
  • Android version

Other tasks will be performed as well if more resources will be collected thanks to your help. We will make you aware of our future plans, if you're going to back us.

The future is after the corner. Help us making it happen!

Budget Breakdown

The Team

Inglobe Technologies specializes in the development of Augmented Reality software and solutions. We are based in Italy, southern Rome, with a network of collaborators that expands through Canada, USA, Finland, Brasil and other European countries.

Inglobe is the developer of the popular Augmented Reality platform, ARmedia, and related AR plugins for Google SketchUp (now Trimble SketchUp), Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Maxon Cinema4D and Nemetschek Vectorworks.

Inglobe provides Augmented Reality solutions and software addressed to different market segments with a strong commitment to applied research. The Team working on the project includes:

    Graziano Terenzi, CEO
    Alessandro Terenzi, CTO
    Giuseppe Basile, IT Architect
    Gioacchino De Fusco, Software Engineer
    Giorgio De Angelis, 3D Modelling, Vfx and Animation
    Irune Medina, External Relations

You can find more information about the company, here


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