iOS Player



This version of AR-media™ Player can be used to visualize ".armedia" files especially created for iOS devices by using ARPlugin.



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Main features of iOS Player

Among displaying ".armedia" files especially created, iOS Player comes with a lot of features which permits you to fully use the mobile features of your devices.

Geo-located models: use iOS Player to display virtual models in the real world without any marker.

Adjustable GPS location: change the model's geo-location or your location in real-time to quickly correct the GPS errors.

QR code sharing: download a model by simply point a QR code.

3-DOF Gyro Tracking: view a model in your vicinity without the need for a printed marker or GPS tracking.


Start experiencing Augmented Reality on your iOS devices by downloading models from our online library:


iOS Player Limitations

Currently, some limitations apply when displaying models in the iOS player:

  • Linked and/or multiple markers are not supported: every version of ARPlugin does not permit to create a model if multiple or linked markers are found in the scene.
  • Video objects will be visualized but with some limitations: video playback will automatically start and loop when finished. Moreover, chroma key videos will be displayed as normal video textures
  • Audio objects, as well as soundtracks cannot be played. Any custom video/audio object will be displayed "as is".
  • Custom interactions configured with ARPlugin will be ignored by the iOS player. However, you can interact with the model in real-time by zooming and rotating the model by using hand gestures.
  • advanced features like real-time shadows, layers management and real-time sectioning are not supported by the iOS player


iOS player is under continuous development and these limitations will be progressively removed.