ARmedia platform is a structured and modular development framework that includes different software modules arranged according to a specific architecture. Modules include:

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Real Time Rendering
  • Interfaces.

The framework is independent of both the real-time tracking engine and the rendering engine. ARmedia framework is implemented in C/C++. It is cross-platform, this meaning that it is available for desktop development environments (Windows, Mac and also Linux) and for mobile environments (iOS, Android and Windows) by means of suitable wrappers written in objective-C and Javascript. The framework can be easily packed into a SDK.

The framework can integrate modularly different tracking algorithms and different 3D engines. To date the framework includes different tracking libraries (we started by including ARToolKit). Other methods include OpenCV based methods, specific natural feature trackers, OpenNI (supporting gesture recognition with depth cameras) and the latest Inglobe Tracker, a powerful 3D tracker developed in a recent research project. Regarding the Real-time Rendering libraries, the platform supports several extensions of OpenGL.

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