For End-users

Based on the AR-media™ Augmented Reality Platform, the line of products that goes under the name "AR-media Plugin" (or ARplugin) is especially targeted to enhance third party software with Augmented Reality functionalities.

The software provides digital designers with a variety of easy-to-use tools that serve the purpose of creating compelling Augmented Reality projects with a click.

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For Developers

We develop powerful computer vision algorithms to recognize and track real world 3D objects in real time on different platforms. By using our technology you will be able to create advanced applications and systems that scale in different applicative domains.

ARmedia 3D SDK is a software development kit based on a 3D model tracking approach. It does not just recognize planar images but also complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry.

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Inglobe Technologies develops mobile applications on different platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. Besides offering consulting services and helping other companies to create professional Apps, the company also develops its own applications.